“We really can’t fault the equipment and have found it to offer a solution for most of our applications,” says Steve Wiltermood of Lancroft. “The quality of the equipment ensures that we can propose their systems with great confidence.”

A Challenging Project

Getting such a comprehensive security system installed amongst the other construction work that was going on provided some challenges for Lancroft. But, through careful co-ordination with all the parties involved and flexible scheduling of work, they managed to have the installation completed in time for the new students to move in. “We really couldn’t over-run with this project because the students needed to be in for the new start of term in September,” says Mr Wiltermood.

The size of the building and the long cable runs meant, Lancroft would need to build into the design a means to overcome voltage drop. The solution was to increase the cross sectional area of some of the cables and add extra power supplies to prevent any drop in voltage. “Each project presents its own unique challenges,” explains Mr Wiltermood. “The key is to analyse each project individually and use our knowledge and experienced to come up with the most effective solution, in terms of both operability and cost.”

Succeeding with such a challenging installation did not go un-noticed by Blackstone. “The work was carried out to an exceptionally high standard,” praises Mr Ryan. “We were informed of progress throughout the installation, which was completed to programme. This was no mean feat as we were requesting changes to the system right up to the last day of installation. The installation areas were left clean and finished, and the staff was particularly impressed with the knowledge that Lancroft clearly had of the system while they were training them to use it.”

Impressive Feedback

Blackstone is very happy with the system. “The fabric is robust enough to cope with a demanding environment, whist the software is very user-friendly,” says Mr Ryan. “Key for us is the fact that we can adapt, remove and add features very easily and economically to further tailor the system to our developing needs,” he says.

In the latest independent survey that was carried out in April amongst the students, satisfaction with security scored an impressive 94%. “This is in no small part down to the fact that we have a security system which is highly visible yet unobtrusive,” explains Mr Ryan. “We have not found it necessary to call Lancroft to attend to faults with the system, which gives the staff and students tremendous confidence in the security of the building.”

case study 2- Grand London Urban Regeneration Project

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Case studies

Case Study 1- London student housing reaps benefits of enhanced security system

Nido Kings Cross student accommodation has used a combination of CCTV and Access Control in its state-of-the-art facilities to ensure the safety and security of all its residents. The installation has been a great success, allowing students and residents to use the building in a manner that best suits their needs. Facilities include a cafeteria, fitness centre, screening room and laundry room, all located within the main complex and within easy reach for the students.

Nido Kings Cross also provides residential accommodation with top of the range facilities and contemporary design, all in a centrally located and secure environment. The development, managed by First Base for The Blackstone Group and Generation Estates, has set a new standard in student accommodation, offering personal studio living space with free high speed internet connection, interior designed rooms, amazing views across the city and a safe and secure community living environment in the centre of London.

Security First

An essential part of the overall design of the facility was security, which was built into the brief from the word go. Building giant Bovis lend lease Lend Lease was employed to carry out the project, the Services Manager at Bovis lend lease is well aware that security is playing an increasingly important part in everything they do.

To ensure the security aspect of the project was expertly handled, construction managers Bovis lend lease Lend Lease selected Lancroft (formerly known as GP Watson Networks) to carry out the conceptual design and installation. Dave Delaney, Services Manager at Bovis lend lease Lend Lease said: “CCTV is generally seen as a standard requirement. As well as basic monitoring of key areas, we’re now seeing new applications such as integration of CCTV into lifts and far more co-ordination between the different security systems. We have worked with Lancroft a number of times in the past and they’ve always impressed us with the quality of their work.”

Denis Ryan, Operations Manager of Blackstone, was equally impressed with Lancroft’s proposal: “We felt that they immediately understood our needs and have been so impressed with their work that we’ve retained them under a maintenance contract.”

An Eye on Security

In all, 75 Vista cameras have been installed internally and externally around the building. Externally, VPD-3WP-P-C domes and VVRD4V9 fixed vandal resistant domes have been positioned to give a clear view of the entrances/exits and at other strategic points to promote safety in the area. This arrangement is further complimented with VPC130D/N and VHE-23 static cameras in housings, which provide additional coverage where necessary. Internally, VPD-1DP-P-S PTZ domes have been used, again to provide coverage in key areas.

Each of the cameras is linked up to a Vista 16-way Triplex DVR, five of which are stored in the on-site Security Room. Pelco CM6800 matrices link the systems together, allowing images to be viewed on the four Vista VLFSM17 flat screen monitors.

Lancroft has a long working relationship with Norbain and has used the Vista range of CCTV products for the majority of installations.