CCTV control room

Communal TV

Lancroft offers design, installation and maintenance of fibre and traditional IRS systems.

An IRS collects the broadcast signals from the terrestrial and satellite transmitters via its communal ariel/satellite rig, as well as FM and DAB radio. The signals are then distributed by a series of multi switches in the risers to a master point in the apartment or house to enable the resident to view the required TV channels.

The invention of Fibre IRS has simplified the design and installation process, as a result of fibre technology having no loss of signal even with long cable runs.

For example, we were asked to inspect a large existing system at an MDU development in London where signal losses were a big problem. After investigation we found the cable runs from the LNB to the head end were quite a long distance resulting in significant signal loss. We therefore replaced the LNB with a fibre LNB and installed new fibre backbones to the head end. This ensured no signal loss at the head end, and the signal into each apartment is now excellent.

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