Door release

Door and gate automation

Companies often have restricted areas that need to be secured and indeed many homeowners these days want an increased amount of protection for their homes. Secure access systems are a reliable solution for both applications allowing monitored access and an effective deterrent for unauthorised individuals.

Lancroft have installed, maintained and fixed a range of automatic gates, barriers, rising bollards and car park ticketing systems over the years.

Our services include:

  • Survey and design facility to ensure the best solution
  • Repair of existing automatic gates
  • Replacement of existing automatic gates and upgrading of manual to an automated system
  • Surveys and recommendations for managing agents including design facility and installation
  • Maintenance of existing automatic gates
  • Programmed maintenance


Lancroft provide a full end-to-end solution. Our programmed maintenance service automatically organises site visits twice a year to inspect and adjust all equipment, providing written reports of recommended improvements after each visit.

Are you thinking of installing an automatic gate system or upgrading to a more modern one? Ask us for design recommendations and information on system installations, which can be integrated with other aspects of access control and entry solutions.

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